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New Viral ‘Clean Makeup’ Look is the New Go-To Look

You've probably noticed the viral TikTok trend while spending your time online. The new trending 'Clean Makeup Look' is all over Tiktok. The goal of this look, of course, is to look clean, and sleek, almost like the natural makeup look, but more sophisticated.

This makeup look includes light coverage, concealer, freshly brushed brows, sleek pull-back ponytail, light contour and blush, highlighter, not much eye makeup, and is usually completed by a pair of earrings. The look itself can be different for everyone, however.

The reason why this clean look is so famous it's because everyone wants to look like that one girl who always seems like she has her life together but looks good at the same time without trying too hard.

You can achieve this look easily without needing to do many steps with BESOMA's Glow Cushion. Because of the buildable coverage and natural finish, this cushion makes your skin glow and covered even without concealer and highlighter. Added with a lip gloss, some blush would leave you looking glowing and gorgeous.

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