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  • How often should i use glow pads/gentle pads?
    We suggest customers to exfoliate 2 to 3 times a week to avoid over exfoliation and for best long term result.
  • Can i use GG serum day and night?
    Yes you can use our Glow Goddess GG serum day and night time after cleansing, toning and before moisturizer. Always add sunscreen after moisturizer during the day time. Using GG serum during the day time helps protect your skin from free radical and hydrate your skin while using GG serum during the night time helps with nourishing, plumping, firming and revatalize the skin.
  • Can i use Besoma with other brands?
    Of course, you can. You can use Besoma products with any brand that is original and products that have clear ingredient lists. But always check the ingredient list because there are some active ingredients that can't be layered or used together. For example, you can't use retinol with AHA, BHA or Vitamin C.
  • My skin turns red after using glow pads/gentle pads. Is it normal?
    Yes, to an extend! If your skin is new to exfoliating acids like AHA and BHA, it will shows sign of temporary irritations such as normal heating sensation, slight tingling sensation, slight flashing and small rashes. It will go away once your skin adjust to the product. Give it some times and that's why we suggest to wash it off for the first few weeks of using pads to make your skin adjust slowly to the product. But if anything serious occur while using it such as swollen, intolerable heating sensation, large patches of redness, please wash off immediately and discontinue using.
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