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What to Add to your Skincare Routine After the Basics?

Now that you've got your cleanser, moisturizer, and SPF, what's next?

Once you get into skincare, there’s no turning back. You’re now drowning in the bliss of the skincare world. After having the basic routine set in place, you might want to indulge yourself in serums, or essences, or you have a few skin problems that you think essential skincare products will not solve.

What to Know

We need to know our skin concerns if we want to add more products to our skincare routine. We also need to know what skincare ingredients match our skin concerns. For example, Vitamin C is an excellent ingredient for targeting dark spots, dullness, and fine lines.

1.Skin Concern-Targeted Products

Whether it be a toner, essence, serum, exfoliator, or any type of product, the sole purpose and benefits it offers are essential for choosing what to add next to your skincare routine. Usually, the type of product doesn’t really matter much. For instance, Niacinamide can be the key ingredient in a serum or a toner. However, it’s essential to look at the percentage of the ingredient​ to determine what works best for your skin as serums tend to be more potent than toners.


To keep our skin strong and healthy complexion, it is recommended to exfoliate regularly. Hence, exfoliants should also be add-ons to your routine as well. There are many types of exfoliating ingredients such as AHAs, BHAs, PHAs, and so on. You can choose them according to your skin type and concerns.

3.Double Cleansing

Whether you wear makeup or not, double cleansing can make sure your skin is cleaned properly when your regular cleanser fails to do so. You can choose to double cleanse with a balm, oil, or makeup remover.


Retinol can be a game-changer for your skin. Vitamin A can target almost every skin concerns you might have. It also will benefit you greatly in the future. You can choose the strength of your retinol according to your own skin.



ឥឡូវមានសាប៊ូលាងមុខ ឡេផ្ដល់សំណើម និងឡេការពារកម្ដៅថ្ងៃហើយ ចឹងគួរថែមអ្វីទៀត?


បន្ទាប់ពីមានផលិតផលbasicអស់ហើយ​យើងត្រូវដឹងពីបញ្ហាស្បែកដែលយើងមានដើម្បីជ្រើសរើសផលិតផលបន្ទាប់បន្សំតាមសារធាតុណាដែលត្រូវនឹងបញ្ហាស្បែកនោះ។ ឧទាហរណ៍៖ សារធាតុវីតាមីនសេជាសារធាតុមួយអាចបំបាត់ស្នាមអុជខ្មៅផ្សេងៗ ធ្វើឲ្យស្បែកលែងស្រអាប់ និងលែងមានស្នាមជ្រីវជ្រួញ។

១. ផលិតផលដោះស្រាយបញ្ហាស្បែក

មិនថាផលិតផលនោះជាទឹកតប់មុខ សេរ៉ូម ម៉ាស់ ស្ព្រេបាញ់មុខ សេរ៉ូមប្រេង ជម្រុះកោសិកា ឬយ៉ាងម៉េចក៏ដោយ អ្វីដែលសំខាន់គឺតួនាទីរបស់វានិងអត្ថប្រយោជន៍ដែលវាផ្ដល់។ តាមពិតទៅយើងមិនបាច់ជ្រើសរើសផលិតផលតាមប្រភេទវាទេព្រោះតួនាទីឬសារធាតុគោលអាចមានក្នុងផលិតផលប្រភេទអ្វីក៏បានដែរ ដូចជាសារធាតុ Niacinamide អាចជាសារធាតុគោលសេរ៉ូមក៏មាន ទឹកតប់មុខក៏មាន